“Fashion Essentials” (That I don’t own)

Somewhat of a confession post. With a range of sites and blogs writing about fashion essentials- that aren’t just in my wardrobe. My wardrobe doesn’t necessarily feel less empty- but I don’t think purchasing the following items would necessarily solve any of my fashion problems. So how do I get by without these ~basics~? I’ll tell you:

Ballet Flats


To me, they are just so uncomfortable. They never seem wide enough, leaving my feet feeling cramped. I also need breathing room, and ballet flats do not provide them for me. I’ve been in occasions where heels got too much, but instead I wore flat sandals or slidders. I do however love the ballet style, so shoes with a bit of a heel, or a boot is a go.

A Leather Jacket


The only thing cooler than a leather jacket when it comes to fashion, is a jacket that actually fits. I’ve tried on so many- from sizes well above my short frame and its all too much. It feels constraining, uncomfortable and is disgusting on a hot day. I’ll stick to blazers and military jackets.

For years, I wanted a leather jacket. So I bought one because it felt good whilst wearing it in the store. But when I really looked in the mirror, I looked extra bulky, as if I was hiding something in my jacket.So that jacket was given away, and I haven’t looked back.

Plain White T-shirt


Whether it’s $20 or $200, I can’t justify spending that amount on a plain t-shirt. I guess this is where fashion becomes very subjective and personalized, because to me why wear a plain white t-shirt when you can buy a much more fun printed shirt. A White Shirt may be worth investing for other people, but I’ve never felt a need for one. I like my shirts to be fun, or professional. A plain white t-shirt is neither of those things. Instead, I get a plain black t-shirt, or a nice good quality printed one.

Black Bags


Well, I used to have one but it fell apart. But similar to the white t-shirt problem: I don’t have one because I’m not interested, and can’t justify purchasing one. What would change my mind is unique design or shape. But I’m a firm believer that when it comes to accessories, you should have a bit of fun. Black isn’t exactly the most happy color there is. For the workplace, maybe neon orange isn’t appropriate, but I like a white or pale shade instead.

Plain Black Pumps


Especially patent ones. All of my black shoes have some detail- gold lining, a cute bow, embellishments, patterns, etc. Of course- in the workplace, I’d opt for a heel in a stylish fabric such as velvet, with a minor cute detail such as a ribbon lace to give it a unique touch.

Anything Leopard Print


Again, fashion truly is subjective. I can’t picture myself in particular prints, and leopard is one of them (as well as many other safari prints). It just doesn’t do much for me (but I understand other people love it). If I want an outfit to look ‘racier’ I’d look to fabrics such as lace, maybe toy around with the jewelry a bit, or have fun with shoes. I wouldn’t use leopard print, and I don’t picture myself to be wearing it in the future.

A Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jackets look cool- but they also look large and overwhelming, and a bit too puffy for my liking. I’d much rather the pretty designs to be found on a regular blazar. I like my clothing to be kind of sharp and structured a bit. A bomber jacket doesn’t seem like that.

Alternatively, I get a more structured jacket or blazer.

Little Black Dress


Yes- it is such a versatile piece that transcends seasons and even time itself. A little black dress could have sequins and adornments, or none at all- it could be sleek and pencil like or have a ’50s full skirt. They come in all shapes and sizes, all fabrics, all brands…. so why don’t I have one?

Because out there- is a dress that is more ‘me’. If there is an event upcoming, I don’t want to strap on a little black dress, I want to wear that cute red dress instead. Name an occasion and I’ll say something I’d rather wear instead.



I don’t own a single pair of jeans. Haven’t for nearly 7 years. To me, they are uncomfortable, not flattering and even with a good tailor- unsuitable for me to wear. Simply put: I don’t want a pair of jeans. I can find just as comfortable and stylish pants and trousers. And in the summer? A nice skirt does the trick. Plus, finding a pair seems to be not so pleasant. And when it rains? The denim starts to smell. It’s too rigid and tight. Plus, they shrink!  Jeans seem to be found in everyone’s wardrobes- but they aren’t found in mine.

So- black bores me, white needs a little more to hold my attention and you can never go wrong with sharp, structured clothing that has a little bite to it. I’ll probably never wear a pair of jeans in my life, but I don’t need to. The ‘basics’ I require are a tad on the different side.

Feel free to post thoughts in the comments.

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