How To Figure Out What ASOIAF House Fits You Best

Ever came across someone saying ‘I’m a Lannister’ or having Martell in their description, or the numerous and many online quizzes that place you in a house. Personally- I’ve always seen myself as either a Stark, Baratheon or Greyjoy. Even GRRM himself has talked in detail about what each of the houses mean. And there are many houses in ASOIAF- so many to count. It isn’t like in Hogwarts from Harry Potter where there are four, strict houses. But for now, we’ll stick to: Tyrell, Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn & Martell.

So, what does it mean to be a Tully? What does it mean to be a Baratheon? Let’s find out.

Starting with the Tyrells, the influential house in The Reach. We can gather the following from them

  • They are rich and highly influential- Margaery Tyrell, for instance can afford luscious gowns and sets trends. Noblewoman start to wear their hair in similar trends and Sansa Stark looks up to Margaery as a possible sister. Highgarden is seen as an incredibly desirable place. So the Tyrells? Completely trendy.
  • There words are ‘Growing Strong’- but also, a quote that is associated with them often is that ‘some roses have steel thorns’
  • Henceforth, the Tyrells are also associated with cunning, sense of danger.
  • They are incredibly ambitious, but have none of the backstabbing of members that the Lannisters have. Margaery, for instance loves her brothers.

So to be a Tyrell is not also to be fashionable, edgy and trendy… but also cunning and have a sharp sense of danger.

Baratheons are often associated with charming smiles, stubbornness (Stannis would rather bend before he breaks, after all), fierceness (looking at Robert Baratheon and Gendry Waters). But there is also

  • A thirst for adventures and experiences. Mya Stone + climbing!
  • Engaging in the finer things of life. Renly throws incredible parties… in the midst of a war
  • Being tough. Stannis ate rats during a siege. You can’t top that.
  • Being a tad rude and short sighted. And lovably naive- look at Edric Storm.
  • There words are ‘Ours Is The Fury’

Really, if a house were to ever be associated with war and fierceness- look no further than the Baratheons. Stannis, Renly and Robert have all waged war over the course of the series.

Starks– the cliche is ‘honor’. But look deeper, and you’ll find

  • Tough, unforgiving… like Winter itself. Winter is Coming, after all and the Starks definitely know that.
  • Being idealistic and a fierce believer in justice… yes that’s definitely Arya Stark.
  • A long line of Kings Of Winters who conquered and fought wars.
  • Being incredibly loving… to the point it kills you (oh Robb and Catelyn, how you break my heart)
  • A tad melancholic. Bran and Sansa’s chapters are heartbreaking tragic, and at the end of the day: can you blame them?

So the Starks are rather found on the grim side. They can appear childish at times, but they have pure hearts and are driven to survive. After all, they survived tough winters and the Long Night… so they’ll get through a wide range of hardship. I love the Starks.

Lannisters are reckless, prideful, lustful, greedy, all seven of those quite deadly sins… but if you identify as a Lannister, chances are you are a bit…

  • brave. Aka jumping in a bear pit to save someone brave.
  • Ambitious and frequently thinks about the future or goals of your family / loved ones.
  • A bit paranoid, kind of me vs the world attitude.
  • Good with wealth / money / gold… all those financial numbers
  • Opinionated.
  • A tad clever… look at Lann “The Clever” and Tyrion Lannister. A sharp mouth with a sharp mind!

The Lannisters, I’ll admit to being a House I don’t really know much about or think about. They may not be among my favourites, but if they are among yours- don’t think that you are part of an ‘evil’ house! That’s stereotyping, and you should be having fun with house traits.

Targaryens have a rich history, that GRRM has developed in great detail. With the commanding words ‘Fire And Blood’, there is alot to say about the Targaryens. In short?

  • Being a bit mad and a bit great… who said you only had to be one?
  • A tad on the musical side… just look at Rhaegar and his harp.
  • The stuff which empires are built on, the ability to build them up
  • Trying to have your cake and eat it to… bring peace, but also justice to your world.
  • Provoking strong reactions out of people, just look at Daenerys

There is so much to say about them! The Targaryens are incredibly diverse.

Oh, the fierce pirates of the Greyjoys. Where do I even begin to start on them?

  • Unlikable (but not always), but ‘we do not sow’. They reap, they are conquerors. Even if it falls flat on their face or they are doomed to be dragon meat- look at Victarion for instance.
  • A sense of pride that is distinct, but also sticking to your own culture when it differs strongly from others. Kind of being offbeat, eccentric in a way. Like Aeron.
  • Seeing the world as really- an oyster for the taking. Euron has had rich experiences with travel, as has Asha
  • Kind of being on the secretive side, having identity issues- just look at Theon.
  • War, blood… it’s the Kraken way of life.

The Greyjoys may remind you of characters from Vikings– but that is for a reason. They are conquerors after all! They’re like the Baratheons gone to extreme, insecure levels.

And now onto the Tullys. Family, Duty, Honor. But also….

  • Huge hearts. Just look at Edmure Tully and him caring for his people!
  • Remembering what matters during hard times- Catelyn frequently reminds King Robb Stark of what is important
  • Having high expectations of others. Lysa- where do I even start?
  • Being awesome and cool- I’m a huge fan of the Blackfish. Him not yielding to Jaime Lannister and then escaping by swimming was levels on awesomeness. Take notes on Brydnyn Tully and be inspired!
  • Being a tad quiet and introverted. Read Catelyn’s chapters. She keeps alot to herself, and talks of a ‘secret’ language between her and Lysa.

I love the Tullys- they are easy to root for, but also incredibly complex. If you are a Tully… chances are I really like you

Arryns– aka ‘As High As Honor’ seem to come across, as wise knowledgeable types. We don’t get a really good look at them, but we can tell the following

  • A sharp eye for investigating things- look at Jon Arryn’s eye on the Lannisters
  • Good at creating peace and harmony, as well as justice.
  • Really, they are the type that does lots of hard work. Great political minds.
  • Will fight in causes they deem worth it, they may have a reputation for neutrality, but they stepped in during Robert’s Rebellion

Overall, Arryns are dedicated community builders who understand stability and peace.

Martells are deeply fascinating- I love their words, ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’. To conclude this, let’s discuss what it means to be a Martell.

  • Kings of being underestimated. Really, as the Sand Snakes are swift and cunning, Doran pretending to be peaceful to the Lannisters, they are often underestimated.
  • Poor communication issues- like the Tullys, they aren’t perfect in this regard. Arianne and Doran need to communicate more, but they do love and care for each other.
  • Being war ready, but still finding creative ways to go about it.
  • Flirting with neutrality, yet having your foot firmly in the sand on certain issues.
  • Being either really patient… or not patient at all. You are one of those extremes, but not another.
  • Being a bit more tolerant and flexible.

Overall, the Martells are as deep as they are fascinating. Which is, alot.

What does your ‘house’ mean to you? Write in the comments below!

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