Top Fashion Moments In “Game Of Thrones”

Mixing style with fantasy, Game Of Thrones costume designers Michele Clapton (Seasons I to Five) and April Ferry (Season 6) have brought a vast range of costumes. Displaying gorgeous embroidery- here are the looks that have inspired me.

Daenerys’ Qarth Dress (Season Two, Episode Five)


A beautiful shade of blue, with nice gold details, and rich lush eye- Daenerys makes a grand impression at a Qarth event. The details and beads are exceptional. Daenerys is very fashionable, (when the show lets her be) as she emerges as a Queen.

Various Dorne Outfits (Season Five & Season Six)


Dorne may have been a misfire plotwise, but style wise? Those gorgeous colours and fabrics, rich textures (especially when the series is full of more thick, warmer styles). Impractical for hot weather? Perhaps. But I love Ellaria’s jewelry here


and of course, Myrcella’s dresses are simply beautiful

49 Overall, Dorne is extremely fashionable.

Margaery Tyrell’s Outfits 

This is a huge one- and she is so stylish. In the books, she even influences how people wear their hair and dress. She mixes the feminine styles of The Reach with classic Tyrell danger, with beautiful natural hues of blue and green.



And of course, her wedding dress to Joffrey


The rose details are completely gorgeous- and the ‘thorns’ add a sense of danger. It’s risque in the best way possible, and its so extravagant and luscious.

Olenna’s outfits


It must run in the family, because Olenna is also quite fashionable. I love the rose details, the tough yet delicate jackets, the free-feeling skirts, an elegant fan nearby and statement jewelry. Makes me want to invest in a good blue dress and a gold jacket.

Sansa Stark’s Northern Dress (Season Six)


And my favourite outfit, by far. It’s just so inspired- Sansa mixes house pride with imaginative details on a firm, structured blue dress. She uses fashion to assert her Starkness- she’s not a Bolton or a Lannister, but a Stark. She also made the dress herself, employing her fashionable sewing skills. Most of Sansa’s outfits in earlier seasons show that someone is dressing for her, that she is dressing to appease others- but here, she is dressing for herself. And that is empowering and completely stylish.

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