A wardrobe made out of trends and classics is still lacking

In most wardrobe advice columns, they suggest having two groups of clothing for your wardrobes: the classics, and then the trendy, what’s hot at the moment clothes. I personally feel that’s terrible advice, because there is a third group that is just as important.

Your personal aesthetic clothes. A style that is unique only to you (and it does exist). Your wardrobe should have clothing that appeals to you in a deeply personal way, and soars you up with love. Not because it’s trendy, or a ‘must have’- but the clothing engages with you on another level entirely.


(Above image: Romance Was Born)

In the above picture (not me), I own the blue, embellished shirt and I own the pants. I didn’t need it. The pieces didn’t exist to be trendy, or to be classics. They existed on their own, and I was drawn to that. The fashion also engages with my deep love for angels and under the sea imagery. I love them so much- and consider them to be a part of my ‘style’. l-1040_charlottes-web_womens_book_t-shirt_1_2048x2048Others include a French Connection Blue Penguin Jumper (sadly can’t find an image), Out Of Print T-Shirts, tulle skirts and quite a bit of pink and red. Keeping things pretty is important

(Side Image: OutOfPrint Clothing)

The pieces I fall in love with can be upscale designer to science museum stores to op shops & vintage to established brands such as French Connection and Country Road. I’m inspired by fairytales in particular- and try to sprinkle in some ‘magic’ with my wardrobe. I adore angels, rococo artwork and the renaissance period. So my wardrobe won’t have whatever the latest off the shoulder top is, but it may have the latest collaboration between a fashion designer and Disney. Or, a cute coat from Review. (seen below).


Or in a dream world, everything by designers Dolce & Gabbana. But I’ll just settle on the beautiful t-shirts by them I purchased last year. I can look at my wardrobe and see pieces that I love and make sense to me- and that, is fashionable. I don’t want my group of clothings to be boring groups of ‘trends’ and ‘classics’. Then, everyone’s wardrobes would 11535345_7279680_322(side image: Dolce & Gabbana)

be similar. We are all individuals, and clothes can reflect that. You are more likely to wear pieces that you really like and make you feel comfortable. Of course, in the vast world of fashion: lots of clothes make you happy, lots of clothes fit your ‘style’- but you have a budget to stick to. Be smart, check for quality, and wait a bit to see if what’s making you happy is something to note about or not. So basically, be smart and use common sense. Something I wished I used last year, because sometimes, actually always in fashion- less is more. I bought clothes I thought I loved, but it turns out it was an infatuation. So before you blow money- make sure you really do love it, is comfortable and realistic to wear and that you are being economically responsible (don’t make the mistakes I’ve made, please).

I’m a firm believer that fashion should ‘speak’ to you. That every outfit has the potential to tell a story of its own to the world. You’re not lounging around in your PJs, you are engaging with the world. Time to let the world know your style. Do your ~trendy~ pieces fill you up with pride? But perhaps, that beautiful suit does. Sometimes the difference between infatuation and love is pride. Are you proud to wear that particular item? If not, maybe it’s a trendy piece after all and worth looking for an alternative in a lower price.

Be savvy and understand how to give ~your own twist~ to trends and classics. Think about what you love. What inspires you? You’ll end up with a wardrobe you’ll love with pieces worth cherishing. And better? You’ll wear them often and want to take good care of them.

And, you’ll have fun.

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