Falling Out Of Love With Tumblr

Most tumblr users would agree with me when I say this: tumblr blows. Yes, I still have an account and yes I still use it (like, once a day) but its such a revolting, disgusting and trashy site. It skewers your ability to detect what friendships are worth investing in, fandom drama is absolutely awful and disgusting, it idolizes people to terrifying degrees- whilst demonizing others. I feel awful going on, rarely make gifs and only there for friends.

It wasn’t always like that.

I joined in 2012, where my blog had a small circle of around 22 people. It rocked, I could talk in depth about movies, reblog pretty gifsets and looked at Michael Fassbender’s face all day. Heaven? Well, 18 year old me’s version of it. Turns out, I was blissfully naive to all the fandom drama and discussion that was going on, I was in my small circle and life on tumblr was fine.

We’re in 2017. I have a new tumblr with over three thousand followers. And I hate it. Here’s why Tumblr is an absolutely awful site and you should really think twice before getting an account on there.

Friendships Really Come And Go

Such is the nature of life. In tumblr- there are two groups of people who follow you. Those who are simple followerers, and ‘mutuals’- those who you decide to follow. All of these countless opportunities for friendship? Sounds good, right? No, except you are treated like toilet paper. This is a fact of social media in general, but my point is that tumblr is no exception. It turns out that your basis of friendship is sharing the same opinions (because that is ~so~ strong), or having a similar cool factor. If you seize to have the same opinions as someone, instead of talking it out or engaging in discussion, or even the nightmarish notion of coexisting, you get unfollowed. Who can you really trust on this site?

Whilst that’s the same for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites: Tumblr passes it off as something different. As an ‘alternative, nicer’ option to Facebook. I’m here to tell you that’s it not, it’s just as vicious. What makes the site dangerous is that it thinks it isn’t.

Friendships built on your taste of movies don’t necessarily last as two, healthy coexisting personalities. It’s fact. I became so sensitive and paranoid about maintaining friendships, I’d deliberately not share opinions or tell stories about my life in fear they would alienate a friend. You should be open with your friends, and feel comfortable around them. I don’t get that feeling, and if I ever did I surely don’t remember it.

It’s vicious

Again, a social media site. Have you seen the comments on Facebook? You might ask. Yes, I have and tumblr is no different. Comments about people’s appearances? Check. But tumblr offers a weird version of this: it justifies it. Because someone is shitty, it’s suddenly okay to joke about murdering them and calling their kids ugly. Call out culture is particularly disgusting- where an accusation can ruin someone’s time on Tumblr. No one asks for proof or evidence (like you’d have to do in a court), but sees the worst. There are fandom wars, endless mockery, accusations of racism constantly, anonymous hateful messages and name calling. It’s frankly ugly and gross. I want no part of it.

The site thinks misspelling people’s names deliberately is hilarious

Dislike Jyn Erso? Fine. But calling her Jan Error, is… kinda lame. It never has, and never will be funny. We get it. You hate Benedict Cumberbatch. Find something new to talk about. Just cause you have your reasons for hating someone or something, doesn’t necessarily make you a comedian when you mock them.

Tumblr thinks itself as funny, when no it doesn’t make them dangerous, but it sure as hell makes them irritating.

The staff are useless

Ask any graphic maker that was around in 2014 about their opinions on the ‘new gifset dimensions’. Tumblr staff are truly a joke, with pointless updates. Not much to say, but the staff are an actual joke.

The blocking system is abused, and causes fights

I estimate a minority of actual blocking on tumblr is about combating harassment and actual protection against bullying. You will get blocked for being friends with particular people and having opinions that people may not necessarily like. Guess what, you can’t go through life with that attitude. When you come across someone who you disagree with, you actually have to deal with that. There’s no weak willed ‘block’ button in real life. People who engage with real life know how to deal with people with different opinions. People on Tumblr, do not.

I only ever block people on tumblr who harass me, or have taken in part of bullying, or there was an issue of safety. People block well over 200 users. I only have thirty users blocked.

It’s ideas about ‘equality’ are absolutely… weird.

Tumblr, it’s great you want the world to be a fair, more just place. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to glorify an African dictator because they have committed crimes against white people. Yes, there are people who would bring you harm. That doesn’t mean its everyone who disagrees with you. It doesn’t mean its okay to celebrate or flat out admit to not caring about someone’s death because they were a police officer. So weird.

And don’t go to tumblr for advice, especially on how to deal with your relatives who support Trump.

It’s just as bad as every social media site out there

This is my last point, and its a huge one. Any problems you have with Facebook, can be found on Tumblr. Any problems with Instagram and social media in general, can also be found on Tumblr. But there are some very nasty people on tumblr (and I speak from experience), my years on it have left me jaded and wanting to engage with the world more. If you are going to use that hellsite, just at least be careful and maybe detach yourself from it, because you are going to find things that will upset you. Such is the nature of the internet- but my point is: tumblr is no different. I’m not as naive as I was in 2012, I’ve hardened a bit but I do regret alot of time and energy that was spent on that site.

Tumblr is a gross, disgusting place and I have no qualms in saying so.




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