The Logo T-Shirt: Why I’m not buying Gucci’s T-Shirt

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I’ve paid lots of money for T-Shirts. Lots, and lots. Ranging from Myer’s Miss Shop shirts to Dolce & Gabbana, the T-Shirt has been a staple in my wardrobe for a long time. A good t-shirt not only boosts good quality and purpose, but beyond the plain white shirts have some flair and sophistication. I don’t own a single logo T-shirt, because I find them to be rather tacky most of the time, and my body is not a billboard. Gucci in particular, has had recent success with their logo shirts. I like the clever taking on ‘fakes’ (it’s very tongue in cheek) and the vintage, good fit (and I don’t find the shirt to be tacky). But the Gucci logo? Nope not for me.

Every purchase I make, I need to justify. I need to feel every dollar going into the purchase. I need to know I can stick with the shirt in months time. I don’t deny Gucci’s craftsmanship and talent. Perhaps the $570 is worth it. But I have no desire to wear it, but others might- and I don’t mean to take that away from others. I just don’t see a justification for the price its asking. Because if you are going to spend over $500 on a t-shirt, I’d want a shirt that challenges me, provokes thought and is creative. Henceforth, there are $500 shirts out there that display more sophistication.

Yet there is something I’d like to discuss and it’s pretty huge: A brand taking pride within itself. Gucci is not a trashy brand with logo adorned products. Neither is Chanel, or Dolce & Gabbana. Those fashion houses have rich history. Today, brands feel the pressure to have constant sales, deals and promotions- to unleash products in mass quality. So Gucci taking a couple of products to write ‘Gucci’ on them is not the same as Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy’s rather obnoxious branding. I get that. And this trend is nothing new- Balmain, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have often adored products with their companies logos. Brands are allowed to take pride. Who am I to stop them? If a brand wants to take pride, by all means go ahead.

It could be that Gucci is being completely business-like and looking at this from a fashionable angle may be missing the point of this shirt. But many blogs and sites would have you thinking that this shirt is a step in the right direction for Gucci. Which is, quite relevant and fashionable, it is one of the most discussed high fashion houses today. So when thinking about why Gucci- specifically, Alessandro Michele created this shirt- my reasoning leans more to company pride than completely economical reasons.

The words ‘Gucci’ will provoke reactions in others. This is fashionable, in my opinion (the best art gets people thinking)- but the ways it goes about it is rather a bit too in-your-face, unsubtle and lacking in multiple interpretations. Hence me not buying this shirt. I just don’t like it and I don’t think it would do justice to my wardrobe. The shirt serves no purpose to me. If you like it, that’s absolutely fine. But I’m very particular about what I buy and what I like.

 Company pride isn’t necessarily detrimental, but aesthetically it can border on obnoxious. Sometimes its best to go for moderation, after all people are not billboards for you to splatter your product on. So my attitude can be summed up as one of caution- but not necessarily scorn because although it would be an absolute disaster for me it may not be others. I can see the shirt being worn with a sharply tailored blazer and dark washed jeans. Or, like all wonderfully versatile t-shirts: anything really. I just need more than a company logo, but its not all about me and that’s a good thing.
What T-Shirt I am crushing on (even though I’ll probably never buy it, grrr) is  Miu Miu’s space shirt. This shirt I love, the space motif is powerful and the logo is rather small. But the focus is the shirts dreamy, imaginative take not the words ‘Miu Miu’ itself. If you find it to be ugliest shirt there is, that’s fine but its not my position. I’m posting what T-shirt I’m loving so I make it quite clear: logo T-shirts I don’t really get. And part of me doesn’t want to. Because fashion can do better than a fucking logo.


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